Lise Schools

Before founding Interpretive Ideas in 1993, Lise Schools had fifteen years of field experience in interpretation with state, federal, and municipal agencies. Positions included directing the program, staff, exhibits and operation of a large interpretive center in Indiana. While with the USDA Forest Service, Lise oversaw the planning of interpretive programs in two forests. She also represented the Eastern National Forests in the development of a national strategic plan for interpretation.

With Interpretive Ideas, Lise provides a wealth of technical experience and knowledge of interpretation. Whether it's planning an interpretative trail system for a new site or training interpretive staff, Interpretive Ideas prides itself on maintaining good communication with the client and completing the project on time. Projects have included sign design, staff training, and site plans. In the 1999-2000 school year Lise served on the faculty of N. Michigan University teaching courses in Guided and Self-Guided Media in Interpretation and Interpretive Planning.

Lise Schools has an undergraduate degree in Parks and Recreation from Indiana University and a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education from Northern Illinois University.

Ed Schools

Ed Schools brings technical and management skills to Interpretive Ideas. After several years as an electrical engineer, Ed now manages a GIS program that tracks endangered species. Ed uses GIS and GPS in the development of trail systems, generating maps, data analysis, and setting up inventory programs of park signs and facilities.

In the 1999-2000 school year Ed served on the faculty of N. Michigan University teaching courses in Research and Statistics in Leisure Services and Protected Area Management.

Ed Schools has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Indiana University and a graduate degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).

Amelia Hansen

Amelia Hansen of Amelia Hansen Illustration brings artistic excellence to signs and exhibits produced by Interpretive Ideas. Her work for Interpretive Ideas ranges from paintings of charging mastodons to detailed historic buildings.

Sign Fabricators

Signs produced by Interpretive Ideas are primarily fiberglass embedded or high-pressure laminate. To find out more about these products, visit Pannier Graphics (fiberglass embedded) and Folia Industries (high-pressure laminate)